Color The GOM – Puzzle Game

Unique colorful puzzle game that can be solved in two different views.
Sudoku lovers hear hear: A new puzzle game is in town !

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🌈 Colorful themes πŸ“† Daily puzzles 🎁 Special game variantsΒ πŸ”₯ Easy, medium and hard levels πŸ’• Two visual modes 😜 Lots of fun 🧠 Brain development

Color The GOM is a unique and fun puzzle game, invented by us! The solution involves color and numbers. You can switch between two modes during the game – matrix mode and graph mode.

So.. let’s see if you manage to solve all the puzzles!

A node can’t have two edges with the same color

A row / column must contain each color exactly once.

The matrix is symmetric!
If you fold it at the diagonal, both sides look the same.

p.s. Each node is actually a row and a column in the matrix (:


πŸ•— Daily puzzles – challenge yourself with 3 unique puzzles everyday

🎁 Variants: Graph Only, Matrix Only, Shape Shift, Colorless, Invisible, Triangle, Color Shift and Surprise

🎨 Themes improve the visuals of the game to help you differentiate between the colors

✏️ Notes let you draft numbers and colors that you’re not sure of

πŸͺ Hints help you to solve the puzzles that are hard for you

βœ”οΈ Checks help you understand how well you’re doing while solving the puzzle

πŸ“ Undo/Redo help you go through the history of your actions in the puzzle

🦜 Different color schemes

Download from the Play Store

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