Digital Kalimba

Coming soon!

Digital Kalimba – is the best Kalimba app simulation. 🎵

Digital Kalimba is your personal music instrument that you can take anywhere and play anytime without a doubt. The app gives you the ability to explore and play a wide range of musical scales from around the world, while easily playing beautiful and relaxing melodies, recording your own music – and sharing it with your friends!

Our awesome Features:
• Wide range of musical scales (More than 50+ !)
• Popular scales included: Kurd, Hijaz, Raga, Celtic, Integral, Harmonic minor and many more
• Multi-touch (for playing chords combinations)
• Shakers to play along as extra notes (Maracas, Bells, Tambourine, Tabla, Bongos)
• Relaxing animation effects
• Record your own music
• Gallery of your recorded tracks
• Share your music with friends
• Super easy to use and play
• Many awesome packages on our store
• More features are coming soon!

Who is Digital Kalimba for?
• Kalimba players who want to practice and compose music anywhere & anytime
• Complete beginners who want to explore the instrument/scales before buying one
• Advanced & professional players
• Meditation facilitators
• Those who do not know how to play at all
• Absolutely everyone

Developed by Yuval Ezov and me (Roni Lekar).